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Audit Protection has professional case resolution managers who are designated to assist taxpayers and professionals all year long when they experience issues with the IRS. Taxpayers especially want to know they have help if they receive a letter from the IRS or state – and you’ll be able to give them a secured solution.

Tax Credits

Professionals at Audit Protection work with the proper authorities to help get denied credits such as Earned Income Credits, Child Tax Credits, and Education Credits funded where necessary.

No Worries

With the millions of letters the IRS sends out per year, having an expert by your side could make all the difference for both taxpayers and you as the preparer. Audit Protection ensures you have help dealing with whatever the situation in case of an audit or inquiries.

Debt Relief

Audit Protection also helps with tax credits. If a taxpayer owes tax debts to the IRS, Protection Plus will assess all taxes, penalties, and interests to properly identify all debt resolution options to obtain the best solution.

Dealing with Fraud

If you did not use this software last year, we can effortlessly convert your clients’ information from last years’ competitor’s software into your new software.

The Guarantee

Ability to create automated default template entries – pre-populate fields that you frequently fill-in with the same information (ex. you’re EFIN, your PTIN, your prices, etc.) ahead of time so that they’re automatically populated every time you.

State and Federal Return Assistance

Automatic real-time error-checking – required fields are designated as such, so that potential errors and missing fields are highlighted in real-time.

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