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Join over 600 businesses of all sizes nationwide who use Tax Dragon Pro Network every day!

Accessible Everywhere

Our software is online, so you’ll never need to worry about installation on multiple devices or crashing.

Sometimes you can’t get to your office, but need your files – Tax Dragon Pro Network is available online anywhere ant at any time. Getting started and logging in for the first time only takes minutes.

Low Maintenance

All updates are done automatically saving you time and stress. If your computer crashes, don’t worry – you haven’t lost the software or your client’s tax returns – they’re in the cloud. Just grab another computer and login – your software and all your returns are safe.

Paperless and All Inclusive

Returns can be exported to PDF, and you can use standard free Adobe PDF functionality to have your clients electronically e-sign their returns and maintain a paperless environment.

Flexible For Your Staff

You have visibility to their returns and you can see what they’re doing. You can also control what gets submitted to the IRS by managing the type of user account they have – double-check their returns and then submit them yourself if you’d like.

Quick Setup

If you did not use this software last year, we can effortlessly convert your clients’ information from last years’ competitor’s software into your new software.

Autofill Options

Ability to create automated default template entries – pre-populate fields that you frequently fill-in with the same information (ex. you’re EFIN, your PTIN, your prices, etc.) ahead of time so that they’re automatically populated every time you.


Automatic real-time error-checking – required fields are designated as such, so that potential errors and missing fields are highlighted in real-time.

Mobile App

Allow your clients to send you their documents and signatures quickly from their phones using the TaxesToGo App. Safe and secure document retrieval, learn more.

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