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What is a Preparer’s Tax Identification Number (PTIN)?

In order to legally prepare tax returns for compensation, you must have a Preparer’s Tax Identification Number also known as PTIN. This identification number must be used on all US Federal Tax Returns submitted to the IRS from your business.
Be sure to to check that your PTIN is valid and renewed each year by October 15th too!

What is a Electronic Identification Number (EFIN)?

Additionally, you’ll need to obtain your Electronic Filing Identification Number or EFIN to electronically file returns. This number is assigned by the IRS identifying that your entity is approved for the IRS e-file program. There is no cost associated with the EFIN, but it does require an application process that involves checks on your background, criminal history, tax debt history, etc. Without a EFIN, you are not permitted to e-file tax returns or engage in any e-file activities. However, you are permitted to operate a tax preparation center where taxes are collected and forwarded to another location for electronic return origination that is a compliant EFIN holder or other Responsible Party, signature by the taxpayer, and/or electronic submission (transmission) to the IRS.

Here at Tax Dragon Pro Network, we offer solutions for businesses with and without EFIN. Contact us today to find out what your options are!

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